What can I play to earn cryptocurrency?

Token creators, processor and video card manufacturers, and exchange founders are gradually shifting their attention to a related industry. Blockchain games. They are offering users new ways to get digital coins, and it’s fantastic. This article will look at one very cool title that has caught our attention, and it will appeal to fast-paced gameplay fans who come to games for adrenaline and emotion.

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Bitcoin Bounty Hunt – excellent FPS for earning cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt from Donnerlab studio is a classic first-person shooter with one unique feature: you can earn cryptocurrency here. In this game, people fight in an arena where they collect rewards and earn bitcoins for killing their opponents.

Lightning Network is used as a micropayment platform, and it has allowed developers to enable cryptocurrency technology to integrate more profoundly into the gaming industry. And it’s excellent! Even though initially, Bitcoin Bounty Hunt was planned as an experiment, in the end, it turned out to be quite a good game.

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt

The Donnerlab development team optimized the gameplay, allowing you to use your earnings without much effort. As part of the strategy, the team used the popular Neutrino wallet, which accepts traditional and cryptocurrency payments.

The game has several other forms of monetization that help reduce development costs. For example, you can see several in-game advertisements during battles, and the company regularly holds Ad-Hodl auctions.

Anything else?

Yes! There are other games where you can earn cryptocurrency. Here are some excellent examples.


Satoshiquiz is the most full-fledged quiz where participants get money for answering questions correctly. What’s remarkable about this game is that you can win a kind of jackpot here and immediately get a good deal of cryptocurrency.


Bit.games is a popular site that allows you to earn money through games, surfing, and various tasks. But the primary type of task present here remains mine. You can get cash every 10 minutes, a relatively quick and convenient time frame, and you can also get additional generous bonuses.

These are just some games that caught our attention, and we wanted to share them with you. There are many more good projects out there. If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can write to us about it – we’ll do another article where we’ll break down the other titles!