Crazy Time Game Review

“Crazy Time” is an exciting live game show available at casinos that offer live casino games. It features a large prize wheel with 54 sections, including cash prizes and bonus games. There is also a Top Slot with two reels that can award multipliers for the wheel prizes. Wins are determined by the section where the wheel flapper stops. Betting limits vary for each prize or bonus, ranging from 0.10 credits to a maximum of 2,500, with the Crazy Time bonus starting at 150 credits.

Crazy Time casino game can be played on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. Depending on the betting style, it offers a highly volatile gaming experience with an RTP range of 94.33% to 96.08%.

At the “Crazy Time” studios, everything is vibrant, lively, and filled with fun. The energetic presenter’s role is to entertain and explain the game, just like a game show host. The high-quality production includes dynamic camera angles, and the host engages with the players while the interface lights up with colorful monopoly-styled money during the betting window. The presenter takes players to bonus-themed areas, such as the jam-packed virtual funfair featuring a colossal wheel for the Crazy Time bonus. No expense has been spared for “Crazy Time,” ensuring an impressive gaming experience.

Numbered sections on the wheel directly correspond to their listed numbers, with payouts of 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x. The bonus games offer varying potential, with the Coin Flip capped at 5000x, Pachinko at 10,000x, and the Crazy Time bonus game reaching a maximum of 20,000x. The Top Slot can award prize multipliers of up to x50 to enhance the potential for big wins.

Looking where to play Crazy Time? 1Win Crazy Time offers more than glamorous presenters and betting on where the wheel flapper will stop. It includes thrilling features that make it one of the top-performing live casino games. A basic game round begins with players placing bets on stake multipliers (1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x), bonus games, or a combination of both. The odds of the wheel stopping on the more lucrative bonus games are 1 in 6.

1Win Crazy Time
Crazy Time 1Win Casino

When the show host spins the giant Crazy Time games wheel, a Top Slot with two reels spins simultaneously. This can result in a betting option on one reel and a multiplier on the next. If they align, the multiplier is applied to the betting option, whether a number or a bonus game, before the main “Crazy Time” wheel stops. The RTP values are based on a player placing only one bet per game round.

When the wheel lands on a section with a number, players who placed a bet on that option will automatically receive wins according to the paytable. If the wheel stops on a bonus, the show host will guide players to a separate area for that specific game. There are four bonus games, each offering multiplied stakes of up to an incredible 20,000x or a maximum of 500,000. All players can watch the bonus rounds, but only those who placed a stake in the option will participate. Find the Crazy Time link and start right now.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

“Cash Hunt” is an exciting virtual shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers hidden beneath various symbols. This interactive bonus game lets you aim and shoot the cannon at your chosen symbol, ensuring every player gets a personalized win. If the Top Slot happens to land on a multiplier, any prizes won from the bonus game will be multiplied accordingly.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

The “Coin Flip” Bonus Game involves a coin flip machine that randomly selects multipliers for both the red and blue sides of the coin. The host then places a color-sided coin into the machine and flips the switch. The resulting win is determined by the bet multiplier of the side that lands face-up. Once again, any Top Slot multiplier will further enhance the win.

Pachinko Bonus Game

crazy time pachinko
Crazy Time Pachinko

Get ready for the largest Pachinko board you’ve ever seen! In this game, the host drops a puck from the top, skillfully bouncing from peg to peg in traditional Pachinko fashion. Eventually, it lands in one of the 16 sections marked with random bet multipliers or occasionally a ‘Double’ section. All displayed prizes are already multiplied if the Top Slot lands on them. Landing on the ‘Double’ section doubles all prizes, and the host proceeds to drop the puck again from the top.

This process continues until the puck lands on a bet multiplier or the double-up feature increases the top prize to 10,000x. Once the maximum is reached, the ‘Double’ sections are replaced with additional bet multipliers, followed by a final puck drop. Occasionally, the game triggers a Rescue Drop if the puck lands on a multiplier of x2, x3, or x4 in the first round.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Prepare for the ultimate excitement in the Crazy Time Bonus Game! This round offers the most thrilling potential and features a giant version of the Crazy Time wheel, set in a lively fair atmosphere. The wheel now has 64 segments, each offering bet multipliers or double-up and triple-up wedges. At the top, you’ll find three blue, green, and yellow flippers.

Qualified players will get to choose one flapper before the host presses the start button. If you miss the time window, the game will automatically assign a random color to you. The prizes on the wheel are already multiplied by any potential factors from the Top Slot. Landing on Double or Triple wedges will multiply the prizes, followed by another wheel spin for players who selected the correct color. All other players will win the bet multiplier that aligns with their chosen flapper.

Like Pachinko, the wheel spin will continue until no flappers land on multiplier wedges, ensuring that all qualifying players receive a prize. The maximum win is capped at 20,000 the bet or the usual 500K.