Necrophonic Mobile Application Overview

Necrophonic is a rather uncommon application. The thing is that this program was designed for Android mobile devices to serve one very unusual and specific purpose. That purpose is to help users create a special sound atmosphere with a deep touch of mysticism, primarily by playing special music files. Necrophonic features allow users to easily select sounds for various themed events and competitions, to create the right mood at spiritualist seances to summon the spirits of the dead, and so on.

According to the developers of the application, the final result largely depends on the quality of your smartphone’s speakers. If you want to get the maximum effect, it is better to use additional speakers that could provide the excellent sound of the entire frequency range.

Sound Effects

The undeniable and significant advantage of the Necrophonic application is its great variety of sound effects and a large library of recorded sounds. The developers even allowed users to overlay various sound special effects, including multi-level echo, reverb, and white noise, to create a unique mystical atmosphere.

The Necrophonic application library contains a large number of samples that include many different phoneme variations. Besides, all these linguistic forms belong to different languages. But there is more. The Necrophonic program randomly cuts these phonemes and/or plays them backwards to prevent the human ear from distinguishing individual words and make the atmosphere even more mysterious.

In the audio settings of the application, users can enable or disable echo, which can help them create the illusion of being in a large free space evenif they are in a relatively small room. Moreover, the program has a feature that allows users to use their smartphone’s microphone to record their speech, apply various effects to it, and play it back.

How to Use Necrophonic

Of course, the first thing you need to do is download app from the Internet using one of the online directories offering apk files. The main advantage of similar web resources is that they are just as good as PlayMarket in terms of their reliability, but at the same time they are significantly ahead of Google’s app store in terms of the number of applications they have. That is why there you can easily find even such unusual programs as Necrophonic. Or you canfind applicationsthat are simply not destined to make it to PlayMarket. For example, the Ourplay program helps users run Google applications on Chinese smartphones. Due to the trade war between China and the United States, they do not have the standard Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other applications that have long become familiar to many users.


After you download the Necrophonic apk, find the file on your smartphone and click on it to start the installation process. When it is complete, all you have to do is open the program, set the desired settings, and start using the application. By the way, the app’s playback has no time limit. This means that theNecrophonic app will create the desired atmosphere for users until they turn it off. Or at least until the battery of their mobile device runs out…

Key Features of the App

  1. The application is free to download.
  2. It allows you to create an incredible sound atmosphere that will appeal to all fans of mysticism with just one click.
  3. The application has a nice and user-friendly interface.
  4. It has a huge library of various samples.
  5. The program contains many different sound effects (including white noise, reverb, echo, and more).
  6. It works on all supported Android versions.