Strengths of Rokfin platform and application

Rokfin is a blockchain service that connects content creators and users through the Internet. However, it does everything necessary to ensure that the interests of developers are safeguarded. Those who are responsible for creating content receive payments in a currency such as RAE tokens.

The essence of RAE tokens

In February 2022, the RAE token operates on the basis of such a blockchain as Ethereum, that is, it uses the ERC-20 protocol in its activity. The current circulation of tokens is 6.9 million coins, and the total offer is limited to a volume of 34 million. As for the RAE rate as a whole, it is currently $1.28. Users can buy and sell RAE only on a basis on a decentralized exchange called Uniswap.

The RAE system helps content creators to be paid for their activities to develop the Rokfin platform. For example, they become co-organizers of the project. This is the most important reason why they can expect to increase income from new users. Thus, those who are interested in creating quality content earn RAE tokens by:

  1. Payment by users of subscriptions to their channels.
  2. Mark likes and videos under released posts.
  3. Attracting new users. Even if a member subscribes from the content creator channel that attracted it to the platform, Rokfin will still distribute some of the new RAE tokens among the active content creators.

RAE token primary function

Some users genuinely do not understand why RAE tokens are needed in a system like Rokfin. For example, they would like to use the regular dollar to pay royalties to developers. But the point is that this system helps users avoid centralization and regularly increase the increase of token price. As a result, the remuneration of active participants is also rising.

For example, at YouTube, organizers often change the economic models and publishing rules of their own due to full centralization as they try to adjust to advertisers’ demands. Plus, when the dollar depreciates, which took place on market in 2020-2021, no one of its members provides any compensation.

At Rokfin, content creators get the order of vote and can influence platform development through ownership of the RAE token. In addition, the service receives a portion of the tokens in the form of a reward and therefore uses a combustion mechanism. As a result of this long-term procedure, the volume of RAE will decrease over time. Due to this, the course of the token will continuously increase upwards. Combined with increasing demand for tokens, this will help the token set growth records again and again.

Reasons why you should join the developing Rokfin ecosystem

The utility of content creators on centralized platforms is diminishing every year. As a result, those services that actually act as an intermediary steadily increase their profit. On the other hand, the income of those users who participate in professional activities and try to create up-to-date and unique information is gradually decreasing. They cannot qualitatively influence the operation of such a platform.

Plus, the middlemen keep their key user data. For example, there are cases where the creator of content leaves the platform on which it works, then it (in the case of inappropriate working conditions such as at YouTube). Then such a user will lose the opportunity to interact with an external audience.

Rokfin offers you another way out. On this platform, channel owners have a unique and specialized control panel with a display of the email of each external user. In the case of centralized platforms, interaction takes place through the use of a login. Therefore, all those users who for one reason or another have lost full access to this system can no longer contact fans directly and explain the situation to them to ask to switch to another service.

As for the users who will use Rokfin, they will be able to watch the channels they like most. Also, they should not worry that a change of policy on the platform will force these channels to shut down their services. But making sure the user doesn’t run out of power to enjoy his favorite content is easy. He just needs to make him more coffee.

In this case, the user will benefit from the Human Bean application, which helps us learn how to become regular clients of this network of cafes to receive many different useful bonuses. And for the convenience of contactless payments, you can use additional services like the Line Pay app.