The evolution of casino slots: from mechanical machines to an interactive online experience

Studying the history of the development of slot machines is worth, perhaps, studying one of the oldest games called dice. The whole process is conducted entirely manually, and it is clear that the machine this kind of game can not be called. At the end of the XIX and early XX century, more complex games were still based on the same random dropouts of options but were a more attractive design for participants.

In the middle of the XX century, so-called slot machines appeared; the essence of the game was that the user inserted a coin into the coin receiver and then pulled the lever. There was already a display with changing sets of pictures, which made gaming clubs even more attractive to customers.

The advent of computers led to a real revolution in gaming. Modern slot machines often differ from traditional slots with spinning wheels and drawn pictures.

Quickly gaining international popularity as a crash game, JetX is often called a slot machine by users because of the simplicity and speed of gameplay. During the round, the player bets and tries to predict the moment of the jetliner crash. The goal is to withdraw the winnings before the plane explodes.

The statistics show that the crash game Jet X is India’s most popular in Africa and South Asia. Probably because in the states of this region, gambling is officially authorized, unlike many countries around the world. The game’s attractiveness is primarily in the speed of the rounds and the ability to quickly build up the winnings in the case of a successful strategy.

Jet X game India
Jet X game

The transition of the gaming business to online

When hybrid slot machines, combining a mechanical part and an electronic display, appeared in the second half of the 20th century, the user experience for gamers improved dramatically. This led to a surge in the popularity of slot machine gaming clubs. Subsequently, such clubs were banned or moved to designated gaming zones in many countries:

  1. To the delight of gambling enthusiasts, computers and the Internet became generally available and quite quickly created online casino sites.
  2. The first computer slot machines copied mechanical slot machines, but progress quickly developed, the game plots became more complex, and the user became an active participant in the game events, not just a drive for the lever slot.
  3. Since then, slot machines based on computer programs, working via the Internet or in the form of installed applications, have found interactivity, as today it is customary.

In slot machines of earlier times, the gamer was passive and limited in action only by pulling levers or pressing buttons. Computer games with a developed plot and complex gameplay made users full-fledged participants in developing the color display action.

With each round of technological advancement in the gaming business, the popularity of online casinos grew higher and higher as the players became more and more involved in the gameplay.

The quintessential evolution of slots can be called the introduction of virtual reality elements in computer game programs. Here, the user is not just helping to act out game characters on the computer screen but could physically feel like a full actor in the game plot.

Why, despite the high level of development of graphics and the emergence of virtual reality, is it still hugely popular to use simple slot machines

Most gambling enthusiasts are interested not so much in feeling like a full-fledged actor in the game plot but in experiencing a sense of risk and enjoying the possibility of winning real money. Therefore, a full-fledged Virtual Reality only distracts the player from analyzing the actions, making it difficult to predict when to bet and withdraw the winnings.

Familiarize yourself with a simple but very gambling, involving and, most importantly, allowing you to build up your winnings quickly. Slots can be free in the JetX Demo Game application:

  1. The demo version of the slot machine permits the user to familiarize himself properly with the rules of participation and improve his performance without the risk of losing money.
  2. As experience is gained and the ability to accurately predict the moment of the jetliner explosion, the user can begin to make real bets in the main version of the game, little by little, in small amounts.
  3. Despite its simplicity, the game allows you to maintain high engagement and excitement throughout many rounds.
Casino games
Casino games

And if the user wants to increase the probability of winning even higher, he can use the JetX Prediction service. This software analyzes everything in each game round, using special algorithms to determine the moments to which you can increase the bets and when you should immediately withdraw the winnings. According to the developer’s declaration, this predictor of game events allows you to increase the effectiveness of up to 99% of winning bets.

Since this online slot has gained the popularity of millions of users worldwide, tips and advice on how to win the JetX game are widely covered on the Internet, in the blogosphere, and in forums for gamers and gambling enthusiasts.

In conclusion, it should be said that experts in the field of computers have recently increasingly declared that further progress in software development, including slot games, has begun to be limited to the binary system of modern computing machines. An infinite increase in the speed of data processing stops giving tangible results. Therefore, the evolution of computer slot machines should be considered in the aspect of the change of fundamental principles of the functioning of computing machines.