The Hunter: Call of the Wild: A Review and Interesting Features

Hunting is the entertainment of some men whose primitive instincts are still not completely extinguished. There is no shortage of food in the world today, and shooting already endangered wild animals is not the best idea. But what to do if you want to go hunting and shoot at a scary wild bear without risking anything and leaving home at all? The solution is to install The Hunter: Call of the Wild on your PC!


The Hunter: Call of the Wild is a hunting simulator that allows everyone to get immersed in a beautiful and elaborate virtual world of wildlife. You no longer need to get a license, buy a gun, and risk your health going somewhere — everything will happen merely on a computer display. It is enough to install the game and have fun for an hour or two, hunting a wide variety of animals in a beautiful environment. The advantages are obvious: the user is happy, and no real animal suffers.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild is distributed via the popular Steam platform. Its main advantages compared to other hunting simulators are:

  1. Beautiful and elaborate graphics. Weapons, nature, grass, tree leaves, animal models — everything is done neatly and beautifully, no worse than in some iconic games of recent years.
  2. Impressive work with lighting. Besides the beauty of the game world itself, the developers tried to implement, if not ray tracing, yet something visually quite similar, so when one passes between trees, bushes, and tall grass, the sun rays beautifully shine on the screen.
  3. Realistic mechanics. The game can boast a lot of elaborate minor details. For example, when trying to shoot, you must first hold your breath to aim properly. This looks beautiful and realistic.

However, the game is not without drawbacks in terms of visual implementation. Players mostly complain about the lack of proper animation or its inadequate implementation.

The Hunter: Call of the Wild
The Hunter: Call of the Wild

The Hunting Mechanics

The developers have endowed their project with a beautiful decoration of the natural world, but not everything is so joyful here with the bag. It makes no sense for a hunter to wander too long in the open world — it is necessary to find a convenient safe place and wait for a game. It is often not in a hurry to appear, and it may take 3–5 minutes until it provides you with the opportunity to shoot from your gun.

You can use various popular weapons that will be gradually unlocked. Basic guns are not always effective, so you will have to try hard to hit a game. A single shot is not always enough to get a trophy, so the hunting process itself is quite complicated.

The most important trains that a player will require to have in this game are patience and endurance, like on a real hunt. The beautiful world cannot boast an abundance of game animals.

The Cons

The Hunter: Call of the Wild has some cons that can draw players away. Here are the most obvious ones:

  1. Boredom. One needs at times to go around half a map and spend ten minutes searching for an animal. Not every player will agree to this.
  2. Numerous bugs. There are problems with animation: animals cannot get around a bush in an open field, get stuck between trees, etc. This happens only occasionally but spoils the overall picture.
  3. An unrefined game client. There can be a sound effect loss, crashes, and a black screen. This is what annoys players most and makes them suffer.

The game is basically nice and will surely help a person pass the time in an interesting virtual world. It is realistic and diverse in terms of the game and natural conditions, but a lot of bugs and too boring, monotonous shooting process spoils the impression of the project.