Best gamepad games for PC

Video game developers are constantly surprising their customers! What once seemed new is now just causing a grin on gamer’s face. The gamepad is super popular now! The keyboard and mouse is used for many PC games, but it’s intuitive to use the controller in certain genres, such as sports games, racing games and action games. Both control schemes have their pros and cons, depending on which style of game is being used at the moment. Let’s find out the best games for gamepad on PC.

Top – best games for game pad on PC

There are no first-person shooters (FPS) on this list because they are (arguably) easier to play with a keyboard and mouse. So, we’ve updated this list and added 5 more games that are better to play with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Our top of gamepad games on PC will be short. Several years ago, console games, especially those native to Japan, could be played only on home devices. As the years went by, developers realized that perhaps they shouldn’t ignore the huge potential audience, and PC ports became commonplace. Now it is not unusual for a JRPG or even a Sony exclusive to be released on PC. While these games usually feature keyboard and mouse support, this does not mean that they provide the same experience as a pair of joysticks. In some cases, a PC game is just a game with a controller. Now let’s look at the перейдем к list of best gamepad games on PC.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 – Pontiac Firebird Trans Am – a player who is ready to defeat opponents on a muscle car.

Best gamepad games for PC must include this cutie. Most racing games are better played with a controller than with a keyboard or mouse. For racing simulators a high quality steering wheel is the way to succeed, but that’s not always true for arcade racers. Driving the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 5, players may feel most comfortable with a controller, as vehicles tend to be easier to control.

Forza Horizon 5 is a relaxing game with fairly little down time, as players will spend a significant amount of time traveling through Mexico, admiring its views. The controller matches the tone and pace of the game pretty well, as it allows users to relax.

Yakuza 0

Best gamepad games  always include Yakuza 0. The fact is that it is meant to be used with a controller, since one of the first things the game does is disclaimer, suggesting that. A keyboard and mouse should work well for exploration and most minigames, but controllers are better suited for battles.

Best gamepad games on PC and Yakuza 0 — a delightful combination. This amazing open-world game with an exciting storyline serves as a good introduction to this long-running series. So, grab a controller and step into Kiryu and Majima’s shoes.

Yakuza 0

Psychonauts 2

Our top of gamepad PC games won’t be full without Psychonauts 2. The game can be considered as a replacement for platformers in general, especially 3D. For the most part, these games benefit from the precise movement provided by the analog joystick, while they are usually designed to use the controller buttons as intuitively as possible. Now the final installment of the top gamepad games.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, released on PC in December 2021, is an ambiguous game. Putting all other problems aside, we can say that the JRPG works quite well with the keyboard and mouse, in the sense that there is no input lag and the characters are responsive. Our top of gamepad games on PC can’t leave this game aside. However, in order to experience this you need to reassign the keyboard and mouse layouts, as the default settings are rather unusual and unintuitive. If anyone wants to spend a few minutes reassigning buttons, FF7 Remake is completely controllerless.

However, it’s still a bit better with a controller. The RPG was designed for the PS4, and it’s rather obvious during the gameplay. The combat is designed specifically for the location of the controller buttons, and it feels “just right.” Most JRPGs ported to the PC usually work better with the controller.

This was the top of gamepad games on PC. We hope you’ve found the suitable game for you!